Automated, Transactional Personalised Videos

Automatically create personalised videos, gifs and images as part of your business processes

Video Enhanced Digital Gifts
Shareable Personalised Videos From Physical Events
Personalised Onboarding and Welcome Videos
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Enhanced Electronic Gifts

A personalised video turns an e-gift into a shareable digital experience . Sent alongside a PDF e-certificate, the personalised video presents the recipient with their gift in an engaging and moving way. Fully shareable on all social media, a personal message, details of the experience or gift, wrapped in a fun and captivating video is the perfect way to deliver a heartfelt gift.

Benefits for your customers

Customise the video with their own message, name and details

Created in seconds — immediately available

Compelling to share — via social media / WhatsApp / email

Deliver the gift in a way that matches the quality of the gift

Benefits for your business

Additional income stream — user's pay for enhanced delivery just like postage options

Additional marketing and exposure as customers enjoy sharing the video with their friends or online

Completely automated — videos are created through your usual sales funnel

Reduces your carbon footprint — no physical media to transport

Easily sharable

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Shareable Personalised Videos From Physical Events

Using data from events (lap times, points scored etc) we create personalised video for the user which they then are able to share on their social media.

How we could help your company

These are just two examples of automated video creations — get in contact to learn how customised videos can enhance your customer experience.